Teen Rating: Although lacking in places, ‘Phasma’ is a fascinating insight into Phasma’s past, origins and her true motives. A brilliant read for any fans of Star Wars or Sci-fi lovers in general.     3.7/5        13+ Continue reading Phasma

The Fault in Our Stars

TEEN RATING: The Fault in Our Stars does at points feel like John Green was boasting his depth of thought and writing skills but it is still a  beautifully written story. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming, The Fault in Our Stars captivates readers and doesn’t let them go. Riddled with joy as much as it is with cancer, The Fault in Our Stars will make you smile as much as it will make you laugh.   12+   3.8/5 Continue reading The Fault in Our Stars


Teen Rating: A depressing journey of sadness, frustration and lies but, a reminder to all of us that there’s always a light in the dark, no matter how dark and impossible things may seem. Whether you know it yet or not, there’s always a way out. 3.9/5 16+ Continue reading Flick


Teen Rating: A grand in-site into the life of the Thrawn and an epic window into the mechanics and politics of the Empire. An unmissable read for fans of Sci-fi and of course Star Wars itself and a book which I myself thoroughly enjoyed! 4.6/5  13+     Continue reading Thrawn