A Wizard Of Earthsea

Teen Rating: Unfortunately Earthsea in my opinion, is written in a vague way in terms of getting to know it’s main characters, making it a very heavy read. This is a shame considering the lush picture Urlsa paints of her world and the effort she must have put into the book to do so. However, after a while I certainly got attached to the book, so it’s not all bad, but I won’t deny it is a struggle to read. ( So before you buy the book make sure you know your up for it)          13+        2/5       Continue reading A Wizard Of Earthsea


Teen Rating: A welcome change from the Classic, ‘chosen one versus the dark evil’, which usually populate this genre and pared with the fact that this book contains many challenges which everyday teens are themselves likely to face. Makes for an enjoyable read.            4.6/5         13+ Continue reading Spellslinger

City Of Bones

Teen Rating: I’ve really wanted to read this book for quite a while now actually, but never quite got around to reading it. But now that I finally have, it was undoubtedly a worth while experience. Clary is a strong female character who faces the exact same challenges  that most if not all teens are likely to face at one stage or another, making her easily relatable too and a perfect heroine for the next generation of reader to look up too.            13+             4.1/5 Continue reading City Of Bones