We See Everything

Teen Rating: The book feels almost as if there’s a blanket over everything that happens in the book, like you’re there but you’re not at the same time. This is the perfect way for the book to be presented, as a lot of the story takes place through the eyes of drones. Though I’m unsure as to whether this aspect is by design or otherwise, as I have not had the chance to read any other of his books. But either way I think it compliments the story perfectly.     4/5            15+ Continue reading We See Everything

Shadow Of The Wolf

Teen Rating: All I can say is this book came extremely close to entirely engulfing me into it’s own twisted world, with it’s significantly blurred lines of good and evil and never letting me out again. I think I might have already mentioned that this book is maybe just a little bit dark, but if you haven’t noticed yet, let me say it again, this is a pretty dark book. Especially considering the fact that we almost all know the happy fairly tale like story of Robin Hood and his merry men ect. and have a good picture of what we take to be his story. But for Hall to come along and completely and utterly rip it to shreds and replace it with a much shadier version, and still be able to present to us the same Robin, all-be-it a fair bit darker, but the same one we’ve always known and loved, it’s simply breathtaking to witness.   4/5         14+ Continue reading Shadow Of The Wolf