The Revenant

The year is 1823 and Hugh Glass, a trapper for the Rocky Mountain fur company has been viciously mauled by a bear whilst attempting to hunt deer. The leader of the hunting party,Captain Andrew Henry decides that after three days of carrying him across water, land and mountains that Hugh Glass shall be left with … Continue reading The Revenant

Born To Run

                                                 Born to run by Christopher Mcdougall Born to run is a take on running now days, and if we should have kept the old ways. The author, Christopher, goes into the the … Continue reading Born To Run

Young Bond: Silverfin

James Bond has just finished his first term at Eton and is spending his holidays with his aunt, in Scotland. Whilst he is there he discovers that his nemesis from Eton George Hellebore and his Father have planted something in the lake, something that could act as a new biological weapon. I loved the original … Continue reading Young Bond: Silverfin