Run Or Die



TEEN OVERVIEW: An absolutely breathtakingly imaginative journey. And a stark reminder to everyone of us, whether we have simply forgotten it, never knew it or have chosen to ignore it; of the potential power of our mindset over our actions, situations and our life on a whole. I would without a doubt recommend this book, to anyone interested in reading of any sort, whether you’re interested in sports or not, this book will, at the very least, change you’re fundamental outlook on life, whatever about what might happen if you really become absorbed in it… Continue reading Run Or Die

Usain Bolt, Faster Than Lightning – My Story

Usain Bolt, Faster Than Lightning – My Story by Usain Bolt. Usain Bolt, The Fastest Man Alive, is a world-renowned legend and global superstar. Faster Than Lightning brings us behind the scenes of the sporting phenomenon that has won 8 Olympic gold medals; 11 World Championship gold medals; and holds the world records for the 100m, 200m and the … Continue reading Usain Bolt, Faster Than Lightning – My Story

Born To Run

                                                 Born to run by Christopher Mcdougall Born to run is a take on running now days, and if we should have kept the old ways. The author, Christopher, goes into the the … Continue reading Born To Run