Library of Souls

TEEN RATING : Composed of beautifully descriptive writing, a wonderfully enticing plot, lovable characters and constant unexpected surprises, Library of Souls is truly an amazing novel. Through a modern perspective we see myths fuse with reality in this fast-paced thriller. Library of Souls is dabbled with humour, romance and so much more, it has a little bit of something from almost every genre.  12+  4.2/5 Continue reading Library of Souls


Teen Rating: An ordinary enough fantasy novel, until you’ve read to about a quarter of the way through, then things really start to pick up and really become interesting! Extremely addictive.         13+      4.3/5 Continue reading Elantris

Six of Crows

Teen Rating: Leigh’s world has a spot on ratio of realism to a brilliant story. If it weren’t for a few small inconsistencies, believe it or not, I feel this book could get even higher out of five, making it possibly the second best book I’ve ever read after The Way of Kings p.2 .                 5/5                14+ Continue reading Six of Crows