Uncommon Type

TEEN RATING: Tom Hanks’, unique and comedic approach to writing fiction stands alongside his greatest films as testament to what he has accomplished in his career. Uncommon Type is a great read for when you’re too busy to be fully immersed in a long fictional novel. It covers many genres, each with a unique twist. A must read for summer holidays or even cosied up indoors during the winter! This novel has something for everyone.    14+    4.1/5 Continue reading Uncommon Type

Library of Souls

TEEN RATING : Composed of beautifully descriptive writing, a wonderfully enticing plot, lovable characters and constant unexpected surprises, Library of Souls is truly an amazing novel. Through a modern perspective we see myths fuse with reality in this fast-paced thriller. Library of Souls is dabbled with humour, romance and so much more, it has a little bit of something from almost every genre.  12+  4.2/5 Continue reading Library of Souls

The Fault in Our Stars

TEEN RATING: The Fault in Our Stars does at points feel like John Green was boasting his depth of thought and writing skills but it is still a  beautifully written story. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming, The Fault in Our Stars captivates readers and doesn’t let them go. Riddled with joy as much as it is with cancer, The Fault in Our Stars will make you smile as much as it will make you laugh.   12+   3.8/5 Continue reading The Fault in Our Stars


Teen Rating: A depressing journey of sadness, frustration and lies but, a reminder to all of us that there’s always a light in the dark, no matter how dark and impossible things may seem. Whether you know it yet or not, there’s always a way out. 3.9/5 16+ Continue reading Flick