Lord of the Flies

TEEN RATING: Although an incredibly thought out and amazingly descriptive novel – for me, Lord of the Flies was too dark and focused a bit too much on long descriptions rather than the actual plot. A great read for many people – but not for me.      2.9/5      12+ Continue reading Lord of the Flies

A Wizard Of Earthsea

Teen Rating: Unfortunately Earthsea in my opinion, is written in a vague way in terms of getting to know it’s main characters, making it a very heavy read. This is a shame considering the lush picture Urlsa paints of her world and the effort she must have put into the book to do so. However, after a while I certainly got attached to the book, so it’s not all bad, but I won’t deny it is a struggle to read. ( So before you buy the book make sure you know your up for it)          13+        2/5       Continue reading A Wizard Of Earthsea