Teen Rating: An ordinary enough fantasy novel, until you’ve read to about a quarter of the way through, then things really start to pick up and really become interesting! Extremely addictive.         13+      4.3/5 Continue reading Elantris


Teen Rating: Although lacking in places, ‘Phasma’ is a fascinating insight into Phasma’s past, origins and her true motives. A brilliant read for any fans of Star Wars or Sci-fi lovers in general.     3.7/5        13+ Continue reading Phasma


Teen Rating: A depressing journey of sadness, frustration and lies but, a reminder to all of us that there’s always a light in the dark, no matter how dark and impossible things may seem. Whether you know it yet or not, there’s always a way out. 3.9/5 16+ Continue reading Flick


Teen Rating: A grand in-site into the life of the Thrawn and an epic window into the mechanics and politics of the Empire. An unmissable read for fans of Sci-fi and of course Star Wars itself and a book which I myself thoroughly enjoyed! 4.6/5  13+     Continue reading Thrawn