Flick by Geraldine Meade Felicity Costello is, for the most part, an ordinary sixteen-year-old. Felicity or Flick parties on the weekend and spends the rest of the week drifting from class to class, a zombie, moping about and playing her guitar in her room until the next weekend. Each week the same process repeating itself … Continue reading Flick


Teen Rating: A grand in-site into the life of the Thrawn and an epic window into the mechanics and politics of the Empire. An unmissable read for fans of Sci-fi and of course Star Wars itself and a book which I myself thoroughly enjoyed! 4.6/5  13+     Continue reading Thrawn

Six of Crows

Teen Rating: Leigh’s world has a spot on ratio of realism to a brilliant story. If it weren’t for a few small inconsistencies, believe it or not, I feel this book could get even higher out of five, making it possibly the second best book I’ve ever read after The Way of Kings p.2 .                 5/5                14+ Continue reading Six of Crows