Mortal Engines

Teen Rating: If I’m being totally honest, the awesome cover art and the fact that Mortal Engines is to become a film, were what originally drew me to pick the book up off the shelf. The story concept lacked credibility in my opinion but the fact it was to be made into a movie meant that someone up high saw something in it. But still, whole cities dug up and put on wheels, really? In hindsight I can definitely see why Mortal Engines would make a good if not brilliant movie, if filmed correctly. However despite some amazing plot twists and character developments the book remained mediocre but, unfortunately not great, in spite of the fact that there’s to be a movie-version of the book made. All in all, a decent read, despite it’s numerous set backs.   3.9/5        12+ Continue reading Mortal Engines

Ender’s Game

Teen Rating: An incredibly written story, with plenty of twists and turns along the way to, to keep us guessing,at what the final destination may actually be. If written differently Ender’s Game could easily have become incredibly boring, forgettable story. Fortunately for us, however and Orson, of course, Orson’s writing technique and his ability to leave us all in the dark makes Ender’s Game and sensational read. Leaving you lost for words, deep in thought and wishing for more. Continue reading Ender’s Game

The Innocent Mage

Teen Rating: Hilariously funny. However strangely (when in comparison with other novels in general) Miller built up the tempo and intensity of the book, only to have the resulting climax in the subsequent novel.  However unorthodox the approach to writing a novel or short story, the lingering uneasy effect it had on me changed over time. I was now fully capable of seeing the whole story for what it was made of and not the route it took. In other words by stepping off the beaten track, Miller as avoided any sense of ‘déjá vu’ by avoiding creating a cliche story line, which would take away from the mastery of her ‘build up’ to the climax and the actual content of her novel. As strange as it sounds, it’s effect actually seems to have worked, for me at least! Does it work for you?     4.7/5      14+ Continue reading The Innocent Mage


Teen Rating: An ordinary enough fantasy novel, until you’ve read to about a quarter of the way through, then things really start to pick up and really become interesting! Extremely addictive.         13+      4.3/5 Continue reading Elantris