Teen Rating: Words are simply not enough to describe how good The Stromlight Archive is in my opinion but, I’ll give it a go. I’ve been waiting eagerly, counting down the days to Oathbringer’s release and now that I’ve finally read it, it’s an understatement to say it blew my expectations way, despite the fact they steadily grew higher and higher with each passing day until it’s release. If you’re a book lover or if you simply like all things fantasy related and you haven’t read the Stromlight Archives yet, you might want to give it some thought because these are possibly the best series of books I think I’ve ever come across.       5/5         14+ Continue reading Oathbringer

Skulduggery Pleasant-Playing with Fire

Teen Rating: The perfect blend of action and comedy, with an incredibly story line to boot. Bursting with of witty remarks and loaded with fun, even if Derek Landy wasn’t an Irish author (which he is), this series would easily be a definite must read, but seeing as he is, it’s safe to say this series is just too good to miss!       4.8/5              12+   Continue reading Skulduggery Pleasant-Playing with Fire