Mortal Engines

Teen Rating: If I’m being totally honest, the awesome cover art and the fact that Mortal Engines is to become a film, were what originally drew me to pick the book up off the shelf. The story concept lacked credibility in my opinion but the fact it was to be made into a movie meant that someone up high saw something in it. But still, whole cities dug up and put on wheels, really? In hindsight I can definitely see why Mortal Engines would make a good if not brilliant movie, if filmed correctly. However despite some amazing plot twists and character developments the book remained mediocre but, unfortunately not great, in spite of the fact that there’s to be a movie-version of the book made. All in all, a decent read, despite it’s numerous set backs.   3.9/5        12+ Continue reading Mortal Engines

War Horse

TEEN RATING: World War One was a torment for millions of people for four years, but it was also a living nightmare for other species… Michael Morpugo tells the tale of The Great War and its brutallity through the eyes of a horse, yet also presents a profound and powerful tale of love between human and horse. Magical, moving and unique, War Horse will make you cry and smile. Morpugo is a genius of a writer with a very distinctive and special ability to tell stories.   4.9/5  8+ Continue reading War Horse

Nyxia Unleashed

TEEN RATING: Nyxia Unleashed picks up right where its prequel left of. Full of thrill and adventure, Nyxia Unleashed is just as exciting as the first book in the series. It is an exhibition of Scott Reintgen’s phenomenal writing skills and an ability to create a fictional story that seems all too real. Young adult science fiction at its finest, Nyxia Unleashed is a must read for fans of the genre.   4.8/5    10+ Continue reading Nyxia Unleashed

Cards on the Table

TEEN RATING: Agatha Christie’s mind has created an amazing piece of murder mystery fiction. The setting is so enticing, the crime so blatant, yet the assailant completely unknown… Cards on the Table is a wonderful novel with such a complex and unsuspecting plot. Agatha Christie’s writing draws readers into a world of their own and does not them go easily…    4.7/5    12+ Continue reading Cards on the Table

Ender’s Game

Teen Rating: An incredibly written story, with plenty of twists and turns along the way to, to keep us guessing,at what the final destination may actually be. If written differently Ender’s Game could easily have become incredibly boring, forgettable story. Fortunately for us, however and Orson, of course, Orson’s writing technique and his ability to leave us all in the dark makes Ender’s Game and sensational read. Leaving you lost for words, deep in thought and wishing for more. Continue reading Ender’s Game