TEEN RATING: Graham Norton is not only an amazingly entertaining and witty presenter, he is also an incredibly entertaining and witty author, even in a murder mystery book! His traits that are loved by so many, transcend from screens to paper. Holding is a fantastic novel, especially for a fiction debut. The novel brings the critically acclaimed presenter back to his Irish roots, all while delivering the world a comical, genius murder mystery.   4.8/5    12+ Continue reading Holding

Lord of the Flies

TEEN RATING: Although an incredibly thought out and amazingly descriptive novel – for me, Lord of the Flies was too dark and focused a bit too much on long descriptions rather than the actual plot. A great read for many people – but not for me.      2.9/5      12+ Continue reading Lord of the Flies

Six of Crows

Teen Rating: Leigh’s world has a spot on ratio of realism to a brilliant story. If it weren’t for a few small inconsistencies, believe it or not, I feel this book could get even higher out of five, making it possibly the second best book I’ve ever read after The Way of Kings p.2 .                 5/5                14+ Continue reading Six of Crows